At Academicis we know that taking up your first or a new senior leadership role in a new School is a major decision, bringing additional responsibilities as well as rewards and career progression.

For this reason we believe it is important to keep all our candidates fully briefed about everything that is involved, and to share our knowledge and insights into what the School is looking for.

We work hard to nurture you through the recruitment process from your initial contact with us through to your School visit, and interview.

Advice for Candidates

Our School clients have very high expectations when seeking candidates to take on the responsibility of leading their senior leadership team.

Selection criteria are always stringent and specific and will include an assessment of skills, qualifications and experience as well as attitude, cultural fit and personal presentation.

Even the best-qualified Candidates can benefit from the support of our experienced educational consultants. We will therefore assist you through all the key stages of your application:

  • Evaluation of the role: it is vital that you have a realistic view of whether the potential role you want to apply for is a good fit for you, and that you are fully qualified for it. We can help you to decide if this is the case.
  • School visit: while the School visit is often seen only as an ‘informal’ meeting. In reality candidates are always under the spotlight. We will discuss how you can make the most of this opportunity.
  • Interview: the interview process is critical in demonstrating to the governing body of your suitability for the post. Recruitment panels will be looking for demonstrable evidence not just of your experience and qualifications, but of your aspirations, ethos and vision.

Next steps

If you like the sound of Academicis and the benefits we can bring to your School leadership recruitment, contact our team to discuss your needs.