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Welcome to Academicis,
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As the UK’s foremost executive headteacher recruitment agency, Academicis are passionate about helping Schools, Trusts and Diocese attract and recruit the very best Headteachers, Executive Heads, CEOs and other Senior Leaders.

We appreciate and have a thorough understanding of the challenges, schools and educational organisations experience when recruiting to their senior leadership positions. The highly experienced Academicis team are here to support and help you respond to those challenges through every step of the process,  with reliable and innovative solutions which have been used and trusted successfully by hundreds of schools across the UK.

We thoroughly understand the candidate experience at senior leadership level, it’s not easy balancing ones time and ever growing responsibilities in a demanding role whilst managing one’s own career development. We help you identify how your skills and experiences to date equip you for your next role, discuss your career pathways and present you with potential options to pursue.

Whether your institution is in need of a senior leader or you are wanting to pursue your next leadership role, the Academicis headteacher recruitment agency team are here to support you through every step of your journey.

Recent Client Testimonials:

Why you should choose Academicis as your specialist headteacher recruitment agency

Our proactive approach as a headteacher recruitment agency makes it possible to identify the higher echelon of the profession, generate interest and then nurture potential candidates through to application.

An intelligent approach

Advertising simply doesn’t work the way it used to and will only be seen by around the 15% of eligible candidates who are actively on the market. Exceptional candidates aren’t looking but can be uncovered via the search process in which we excel.


Recruitment is an infrequent process for senior leaders, governors and Trusts, whereas it is our daily business and has been for 10 years, with just under 1000 successful appointments behind us.


We only work with the Education sector, from Diocese to Trust, village school to inner city all-through, SEND school to University colleges. We understand individual and nuanced requirements like no one else in the field, and crucially know where to find candidates with the relevant experience and ethos.

Robust and safe

Our highly trained delivery team handle all the vetting, reputational analysis and data checks before you interview. You can be sure the process is consistent, defensible and transparent so that decisions made are incontrovertible and garner the confidence of the community

Fixed fee and guaranteed outcome

We offer an inclusive end-to-end solution to save you time, money and drive the best results. A market-leading 99.3% of appointments are made first time, but in the rare event to the contrary there is nothing further to pay for a rerun. We guarantee to find your leader

Your next school leader;
Your next career move

Our proactive approach makes it possible to identify the higher echelon of the profession, generate interest and then nurture potential candidates through to application, which in turn increases your chances of recruiting the right person for your School – The first time.

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Academicis recently became a member of the REC after a compliance test that we successfully passed.
We firmly believe that being a member of the professional recruitment body gives us the edge of
knowing up-to-date legislation, which means minimising the risk to our clients and having the correct
information to give to our workers.
The REC is the largest trade association representing the UK’s recruitment and staffing industry.
Being a member isn’t just about paying to be accredited; we will regularly have compliance tests that
need to be passed. This gives our recruitment business the mark of quality, so you know that
we strive to deliver the right people at the right time every time.

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