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Leadership Job Vacancies

What to expect when you apply for our Leadership Job Vacancies

  • Initial telephone and/or email communication, usually arranging a time to discuss your current role and future roles in depth
  • Receipt of candidate brochures for any suitable leadership job vacancies and the chance to read through
  • Appointed telephone discussion with Academicis Resourcer about the role and organisation you’re interested in, question and answers. Encouragement to arrange a visit, or telephone call with key school contact(s) which is arranged by us.
  • Receipt of visit/informal call details from Academicis and attendance at such if possible
  • Discussion with Academicis after visit, outlining reasons to apply or queries still to be resolved.
  • Completion of application form and statement/letter
  • All candidates who have got to this stage are regularly contacted to answer further queries, check how application is progressing and that you know how best to present your experience
  • Applicant submits application to Academicis by email to deadline
  • Following shortlisting, we will communicate with unsuccessful candidates and provide them with constructive feedback. We also communicate with those through to invite for interview, liaising on times and dates and informing them regarding preparation and the programme of activities. At this stage too we take up references on the client’s behalf, ready for interview day.
  • We will always give full and developmental feedback following your interview for one of our Leadership Job Vacancies and be ready to celebrate your success with you!

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