Leadership Development & Support Programme

Led by Sir Michael Wilshaw

Sir Michael Wilshaw, former Chief Inspector of Ofsted, joined the Academicis team to head the company’s new division ’The Academicis Leadership Development & Support Programme’, which offers mentoring, coaching and support on all leadership subjects. It is designed for newly-appointed leaders in schools and trusts and brings together a wealth of resources, research and practical strategies.

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Sir Michael Wilshaw

How it Works

The programme provides one to one dedicated support from one of our professional CPD consultants, including Sir Michael Wilshaw himself, and cover 5 leadership areas: developing yourself, developing a vision & culture, leading a successful team, school/trust improvement and measuring school/trust success.

Choose from either a 6 or 12 month package. Each package includes the following per month:

1 visit to the school or trust per month

3 hours of online virtual support per month

Regular telephone support

What's included


Developing Yourself

  • Leadership Qualities: We will help you to recognise what skills and qualities are required to be a successful leader and how to apply them – getting to ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’.
  • Stakeholder Communication: We will help you plan how to communicate well with key stakeholders, including parents, governors, and the community.
  • Consultation and decision-making: We will help you to develop a consultative structure, which will facilitate good decision-making.
  • Aims & Objectives and Development Planning: We will help you to understand the difference between aims and objectives and short, medium, and long-term planning.


Developing a vision and a culture

  • Vision and Values: We will help you to develop your vision and translate it into the daily practice and life of the school or trust.
  • Leadership of Teaching, Learning & Assessment: We will help you to develop a Teaching and Learning policy, which will improve the quality of pedagogy in your school or trust.
  • Culture & Behaviour Management: We will help you to establish a strong aspirational culture in your school or trust, and a behaviour management policy, which will help to create a calm and positive learning environment.
  • Inclusion: We will help you develop an inclusive curriculum which will support all students across the ability range, particularly those with special education needs.


Leading a successful team

  • Staffing structures: We will help you learn how to recognise and utilise staff strengths, to build a successful staffing structure for both teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • SLT & Middle Leadership: We will help you to develop both your senior and middle leadership teams.
  • Performance Management: We will help you to develop a strong, developmental performance management system.
  • Recruitment & Retention: We will help you to develop creative and innovative ways of recruiting staff and developing them for future roles within the school or trust, i.e., succession-planning.
  • Governors and Trustees: We will help you to learn how to work with governors and trustees and understand the difference between strategy and operations.
  • Policies & Documentation: We will help you to develop strong policies and documentation.


School/trust improvements

  • School & Trust Assessment: We will help you to identify the strengths and areas of development in the school or trust.
  • Budget Management: We will help you to develop a strong budget management system.
  • Curriculum Analysis: We will help you to develop a broad, balanced and enriching curriculum for all learners.
  • Data-gathering and Analysis: We will help you to establish a strong evidence-base, to make decisions on student progress and outcomes.
  • Safeguarding: We will help you to develop an effective safeguarding policy.


Measuring success

  • School Evaluation & Review: We will help you with the processes that are necessary to regularly review and evaluate the success of your school or trust, and how to write a concise and meaningful development plan or SEF.
  • Feedback: We will help you with the processes to obtain essential feedback from students, parents and others.
  • Inspection: We will help you prepare for your Ofsted inspection or Trust Review.